I am sitting here staring at this sentence trying to find something to write about. My mind scans topics that I can write about but nothing sticks out. I most assuredly should not write about what I am feeling right now.

Baseball post-season is upon us. The Atlanta Braves are the in playoff picture for the first time in a few years. It will be interesting to see what kind of noise they can make.  The Chicago Cubs are back in it, as well as the Red Sox, Yankees and some more that I can’t remember.

I have watched the entire fifth season of Endeavour. As a series, it is magnificent. Shaun Davis enchants as Morse. The supporting cast is every bit as excellent. I am looking forward to season six, and can’t wait to see what the repercussions will be. Endeavour puts great story writing on display with every episode. If you have not watched it, take the time to check it out.

Amazon Prime has created some amazing must see series. Bosch, and the new series about Jack Ryan are among the best that I have watched in some time. It beats paying a ridiculous amount of money for DIRECTV or Dish. For less than twenty dollars a month, I get to watch tv and keep up with some of my favorite characters.

Well, that is it for this morning. Enjoy your weekend.

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