A blah kind of day.

My head is aching. As I sit here in the dark, I pray for an end to the tinnitus that sounds like angry hornets have taken up residence in my ears. It feels like my head has been shoved into a vise, and some one is torqueing up the pressure ever so slowly.

The testimony by Dr. Ford in the Kavanaugh confirmation seems to be more divisive. I feel sorry for both people. Ford is either a great actress or she is telling the truth. It doesn’t matter what happens in Kavanaugh’s case. His name, his families reputation, all of it is ruined regardless of the outcome. One can’t blame him for being angry about this whole process. They vote on it tomorrow, so at least the circus will be over.

The Bible says, “blessed are ye when men persecute you” in the Kavanaugh hearing, it is definitely persecution. His crime is that he was nominated to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump. That is it. The ensuing hysterics by the Democrats and the bias shown by Republicans is icing on the cake. All of this political crap is getting on my nerves. I think I will go cut some wood. Or go fish, probably not, the rain has got the water level all screwed up. Y’all take care.


  1. “Ford is either a great actress or she is telling the truth.”
    She could be telling the truth about the nature of the events that occurred but have the people involved wrong, either by mistake or by design. This would enable her to speak convincingly about the attack because it actually happened just at someone else’s hand.

    Given her field of expertise, Ford should be aware of the unreliable nature of the memory. False memories are quite possible. I’ve had them myself. I have no doubt that Ford believes Kavanaugh to be guilty. It’s possible that she may have held that belief for a good while. This does not exclude the possibility that her memory of his being involved is false.

    It has been reported by several news outlets that two men have come forward and claimed that they were the men involved in this attack on Ford. Why is their testimony not looked at as having just as much credibility as Ford’s?

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    1. Rachel, I was not aware that these two men had come forward. Given the nature of the attack, the Senate should apply as much credibility to their recollection as they did Dr. Ford’s. I do believe that it is entirely possible that she was attacked. I have no doubts that she believes that Kavanaugh is responsible for the attack. Yet, this just emphasizes the importance of evidence needing to be presented in allegations. With no proof they have slandered this man, accused him of the most horrific crime that can be perpetrated on a person. That is a stain that can’t be removed with a, “oops, my bad” apology. I hope that Dr. Ford can find closure.


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