I just read an amazing blog  ( about the death of truth and the hypocrisy shown in the Kavanaugh hearing. It inspired me to not only share my view but to peer into the deepest corners of my heart and see if I am hypocritical. Is my opinion truly my own, or is it tainted by my political affiliation? Is my bias showing?

There have been times that I have angrily stated that I would run for office. However, I have plenty of skeletons in my closet that I do not want dragged out into public view. Granted, none of them deal with sexual assault, but my past is mine alone. This whole fiasco that is taking place now makes me want to go deeper into the woods, and just wait for the end.

This entire process that is being played out in the Senate would not be an issue if the blatant bias from both parties was not on full view for the entire world to see. Personally, I think that the entire process should be kept private. However, in this fast-paced society, where privacy is lost and is no longer relevant, the circus continues.

The death of truth is happening before our eyes. Emotion trumps evidence, the more hysterical you act, the stronger your case appears. This whole disgrace makes me sick. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” How lazy are we as a society? We don’t even try to cover up our bias anymore. I don’t know if Kavanaugh is innocent of what he is accused of, anymore than I know that Ford is lying. At this point, both sides will beat their chest and shout that their side is winning. Regardless if Kavanaugh is proven to be innocent, the damage to his name is already done. If Ford is proven to be telling the truth, she will receive closure. If she is lying, then the chips will fall where they will.

I am tired of this crap. I think I will go for a walk and clear my head. Take care and make sure that if you talk to a person different from your own gender, you have a lawyer present to verify that you haven’t assaulted anyone.

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