Kavanaugh, feminism and bullcrap.

I have been attempting to keep up with the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination. Perhaps, I should call it the Brett Kavanaugh circus. First, there was the ensuing pay-to-play chaos makers who constantly disrupted the question and answer session to determine if he has the knowledge to apply the Constitution fairly. It got so bad, that his family had to be removed. Now, a female comes forward into the limelight to launch an accusation at him, for sexual assault, at the eleventh hour to save the Democrats. Mind you, its 36 years past the alleged incident. Every witness that she has produced has said they have no recollection of what may/may not have occurred at a party from high school. To be fair, if I was assaulted I would notify law enforcement, not a US Senator. Who sat on this much ballyhooed, and “important” incident. Now, the Senator (Dianne Feinstein) wants to say that she doesn’t know if the entire accusation is true. Well, that’s convenient. You and your paid lackey has only dragged an innocent man’s name through the mud. Accused him of assaulting a woman. Put his family in jeopardy, probably has put his marriage in divorce court, and the media is eating it up. Now, another woman has come forward to accuse him. Mind you, she has a strong taste for hooch, but after six days of trying hard to figure out if he did or didn’t, she is sure that he took advantage of her. Where does this crap end? Every idiot that is seeking their fifteen minutes of fame, will now blindly hurl accusations at people hoping that something will stick. So, lets all take moment to say thank you to the “#Me too” movement.
To put this into perspective, we are all innocent until proven guilty. Unless of course, it deals with sexual assault. Then, evidence doesn’t matter. “Women must be believed, regardless” is a dangerous precedent to set. Let’s see, where can I find an example of hypocrisy? Hollywood lets go there. Asia Argento accused Harvey Weinstein off sexually assaulting her. Yep, that is bad, really bad. However, this same actress quietly put 380,000 bucks into a 22-year-olds bank account because she did the same thing. Jimmy Bennett is the young man she assaulted. Why is it so bad what Harvey did, when a woman did the same thing? Isn’t sexual assault bad regardless of the gender that commits the crime? Ah right, modern feminists and their war against oppressive males must continue until they feel that they are on equal terms with the oppressors.
In Psychology Today, I read an article titled, “Why Modern Feminism Is Illogical, Unnecessary, and Evil” In it, the author denotes several reasons why modern feminism is a revolting issue that seeks to destroy the American male. Modern feminism operates off the assumption that there is no difference between male and female. Therefore, it is illogical to assume that men and women are not fundamentally, and inherently different. There is no lack of evidence that shows that men and women are totally different from each other.
Modern feminism is unnecessary because there is only two ways to judge if men are better off than women, and vice versa. Those two ways are longevity, and reproductive success (Kanazawa, 2009). In these two areas, women are more successful than men. In every human society, women live longer than men. They also have higher reproductive success than men. Many men are losers in the arena of reproductive success, meaning that they don’t have an offspring to carry their name (Kanazawa, 2009). In most societies’ men hold the power over money, prestige and politics. Why? Because, they must to impress women. Women control men. Examples of women that have controlled men include but is not limited to: Jezebel, Hillary Clinton, and Queen Isabella of Spain. The latter convinced her husband and the Pope to lead the Second Inquisition. Look at any major decisions made by Bill Clinton’s Administration and you will see Hillary’s influence. Lastly, feminism is evil because it makes both sexes unhappy. The glass ceiling that modern feminist has ranted and raved about, has shrunk to where in many cases, women make as much, if not more, than men.
“Men are evil, lets strap on our vagina hats and march for equal rights.” Feminist today, have declared war on anything with different plumbing from them. Men, (specifically white men) are often called abusers, misogynistic, rapists, and numerous other names. These modern feminists have shacked up with Linda Sarsour. In both cases, each party is using the other. The feminists and Sarsour have American men as a common enemy, and Sarsour is using feminism into misleading young women into subjugation aka “Sharia Law”. While we may all be equal, we are not all peers. It is unfair to both genders to generalize all men/women as evil. These modern women rights advocates do not care that a man may be innocent of the sexual assault charge that they scream that has happened. “Who cares what happens to him! He has a penis, he is evil!” Meanwhile, these wailing banshees destroy a person’s marriage, career, and oft times, their self-esteem and worth. They don’t care. God forbid, you present evidence to support your claim. In Kavanaugh’s case, every witness she has claimed to have knowledge, can’t recall one single incident of wrong doing. Sixty-five women have testified that he is of solid character. The wailing for the blood of the innocent is horrifying. The media in conjunction with these hollow tusks called feminist (along with their Democratic politicians) hurl accusations, pay witnesses to slander his character, and pull every dirty trick in the playbook to halt a judiciary nomination. Why would they do this you may ask? It is simple. They lost an election to a person that they underestimated. This brought out the hate-filled rhetoric. Anyone that Trump nominates is going to face accusations, slander, and God only knows what else. At the end of the day, holding on to your beliefs will result in ridicule, harassment and possible jail time if these loony tunes have anything to say about it.


  1. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Bengazi James Comey and how much further the left can the far left go until they’re just making a huge circle and end up back where they started which in in a state of confusion.


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