I have a serious dislike of anything fake. Fake food, fake people, fake anything, it doesn’t matter, I can’t stand it. As a Southerner, I enjoy food. Eating out is pleasurable when you have good company to enjoy it with, but at the end of the day I prefer a quiet home with a home cooked meal. Fake food would be tofu, veggie anything, and fast food, this crap  makes me uncomfortable. Japanese cuisine is something that I have learned to enjoy. Miso soup is very good but the tofu that is in it drives me nuts. I do not want to eat chalk with my soup. As much as I dislike fake food, fake people really upsets me.

What is fake people? You know, people who say one thing and does another. People who smile to your face and stab you in the back. There are plenty of examples to choose from. Why does this bother me? In my opinion, it is much easier to come out and say what you feel. An example would be: “I don’t like you. You are an atrocious human being, stay away from me!” See how easy that is. Instead of all the hard work that people do to convince you that they are your friends, that you can trust them, and that they enjoy being around you. It seems that being fake would be very tiring. Ah well, I digress. As my dear old dad would say, “If you can’t control it, why are you worried about it. Son, just let it go.” I hope you all have a wonderful day. Take care.

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