Boat troubles!

This morning has been truly frustrating. On Thursday, of last week, my father purchased a 1986 pontoon boat in Savannah, Tennessee. The trailer is crap, but the boat is in sound shape. We have gone numerous times to pick up this water craft. Every time, we have been met with a new problem. First, it was flat tires. “No problem” I thought. “We will just put some new ones on it.” Right. We went to change the tires, and the jack doesn’t work. “No problem.” My father looked at me and I just shrugged. “Walmart is down the street, we can go buy a hydraulic jack.” Then the rain hit. My father shook his head in frustration, “there are no wipers on the truck.” So, we came home. Cue this morning.
After eating a hearty breakfast and securing the tools and material that we thought we might need, we headed out to Savannah. Both of us were feeling pretty good. As my dad brought the truck back, I guided him to the hitch. Placing the trailer on the hitch, I grabbed two 2×4’s and a jack and proceeded to lift the trailer. I unscrewed the lug-nuts and removed the blow-out on the back. My father rolled over a new tire and he put it up to the rim…….it won’t fit. My father’s forehead furrowed as he looked at the tire. The hard line that formed his mouth seemed to be set in concrete. Silently, he removed another tire from the back of the truck. He rolled it to me, and I tried to place it on the rim. Nope. To big. Sighing in frustration, we went to unhook the trailer from the truck. After removing the trailer, we drove into Crump, Tennessee to find a mechanic/welding shop. What seemed to be hours, we finally found one. It was going out of business. As we pulled up, they were loading the last remaining tools from their shop.
It was a long, silent ride home. Each of us left the other to his own thoughts. However, it was transparent to both of us, that we both were thinking about this cursed boat that he has bought. Finally, my father said, “This boat is jinxed.” I didn’t want to agree with him, but I am afraid that he is right. It seems that we may never get this boat to his house. If we are having this much trouble with the trailer, God only knows what is going on with the motor! Y’all take care, and if you buy a boat, make sure the tires on the trailer are worth a crap!

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