My new goal.

It has come to my attention that I talk to much. Therefore, in an effort to avoid trouble, I have decided to limit my talking. To avoid being misunderstood, or having my meaning misconstrued, I have decided that I will speak only in a direct manner. Hopefully, this will limit the amount of trouble that I get into.

It isn’t that I don’t like to chit-chat or have a problem having a conversation. Generally, I am blunt and to the point. However, this usually is a problem. I hurt peoples feelings, and all I am trying to do is be truthful. If you ask me what I think of something, I don’t sugar coat it. Also, my expression is usually one of a serial killer and people think that I am angry, frustrated, or constipated. My tone is another problem.

It is in light of these issues that I have decided to try to keep my conversations short. By no means am I trying to be rude or hateful. Trouble is the last thing that I need. While I understand that it may be seen as me being rude, I really am trying to avoid unnecessary stress by arguing with people. Arguing with people is tiring, and I generally try to avoid all of the mess that comes with it.

Anyway, I figure that it wouldn’t hurt to try this and see what happens. Maybe, I will avoid trouble and improve my friendship with others. Or it may have the opposite effect. Who knows? Only time will tell. Y’all take care.


  1. As you know sir I have what they call the gift of gab, who ever “they” may be. I think my social ability was born way back when I was a bartender and a customer dubbed me the “Yack Man” (yack yack yack) I for one having had a plethora of conversations with you find it quite refreshing to find someone that speaks his mind.


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