Money, credit, and the importance of education.

Sometimes, it just seems that I get beat every time that I attempt to swap anything. However, today I have had surprising luck in finding and buying many things. I bought 15 books for my girlfriend. Three lamps, a Hindi fertility statue, a multi-level metal rack, and other goodies. Flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and auctions are some of my interest. Unfortunately, you must have money to participate in these events.
Money. The root of all evil. You won’t go far in life, if you do not have some way to make this much needed substance. Situations arise that we sometimes are not expecting. Life happens to us all. Bills seem to be never-ending. Dreams, hopes, aspirations, all are powered by cash money. Then there is credit.
Credit is how the banks know us all. If you have bad credit, then they think that we are useless. Wrecked credit will guarantee you a limited life. If you are the proud owner of a good credit score, the sky is the limit. There should be a class in every curriculum that teaches the skills you need to have an awesome life. Classes should be taught on the importance of credit, how to do your own taxes, blacksmithing, carpentry, and how to balance your checkbook.
I believe in personal responsibility. Parents should lay the groundwork for their children’s success. However, classes such as those listed above would be a good way to reinforce the foundation the parents have laid. It should be a combined effort when it comes to education. The parents ensure that the foundation is laid, and the school reinforces the foundation and builds on it. At no point should the school be referencing political parties’ propaganda. If a child is going to be taught anything political it should come from the parents.
Ah well, I digress. There is almost nothing that can be done when it comes to the education system. I am a huge fan of academics. It would be a pleasant surprise for a politician to say that they wanted to make the education system better. You will notice that I did not say free. Because, besides people giving you a hard time, nothing in life is free. That is all I have to say about that. Take care.

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