Yesterday was long and tiring. We loaded up and left Tishomingo at about 0830. Driving straight through to Etheridge, we arrived here at about 1000 hours. The long day started there. We stopped by the flea market and my dad showed me the buildings that he had bought for a steal. Seeing, how he is trying to consolidate three storage units into one, we need to move all the crap out of the two new ones into his unit that he sells from.
Then we moved on to Savannah, because he wanted to check out a pontoon boat. Then things took a turn for the worse, my phone died, then we got lost. My dad’s truck broke down. Finally, we made it. The boat trailer had three flat tires. We drove the broke truck to my house and swapped vehicles. We got back to Tennessee around 7 p.m.
Today, I woke up at about 0140 and stayed awake until after 5. Tired, I woke up at 6 and we left to go work at the flea market. I cleaned out one storage unit, took a trailer full of records and other stuff to the dump and I am now sitting at home. Life is busy but good.
Y’all take care!

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