Ladies in modern society.

I am the proud father of two beautiful ladies. They are the joy of my life. Bethany and Emma-Lynn can put a smile on my face when nothing else will. They are sarcastic, witty, and all-around charming. However, I worry about them. American society seems to have gone off the rails recently.

In modern society women seem to be judged by their waistline, and not their intellect. Models such as Cindy Crawford, Kate Upton, and all the rest make it almost impossible for a normal woman to feel secure in their own bodies. Of course, it does not help that men salivate over the newest images of these women and declare that they are the perfect shape. I do not want my daughters to try to conform to these sometimes abnormal standards. “My chest must be this size, and my waist a zero,” is not the standard.  It is not only harmful to a woman’s health to pursue this type of image, it damages her psyche as well.

I want my daughters to enjoy life. Buy the shoes, eat the cake, and discover who they are. To know what it is that they want out of life. Placing standards on women and their appearance is wrong. To declare that if they don’t look like Kate Upton’s twin they are not worth dating, is devastating to that person. Just like saying that a guy is not worth your time if he doesn’t have a six-pack. Exactly how shallow are we?

It is my hope that my daughters grow up to love who they are. To be healthy in mind, body and soul. A woman should never feel that they are not beautiful. That because of their body style they are not desirable. Women have so much more to offer than their body. It is a shame that our society makes it difficult for anyone to look deeper than the skin and makeup.

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