Good morning!

It is 0500 here in Mississippi. Life is good (if for no other reason than I woke up again)! I am still tired, but things are moving along. Today, I will be finishing a closet that I started building yesterday. Then it will be trying to repair the water lines at my father’s house. Ah well, it will be fine.

A friend of mine stated on Facebook that it irritates him when people say that the Bible says….instead of the Scripture says….it seems rather nit-picky to me. Does it matter that people use Bible instead of Scripture? Did I miss something, or isn’t the Scripture housed in the Bible?

This Supreme Court confirmation has been a circus. Wow. It seems that neither side is willing to budge. This is the way I see it, Bill Clinton as President was a classic example of a sexual predator, and people loved him. I have heard beaucoup people say that what he did with Monica is between him and Monica, no one else needs to be involved. Yet, some unfounded, non-evidence backed source, halts the proceedings for another Supreme Court appointee. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not justifying sexual assault. Regardless of their political affiliation, sexual assault is wrong. I just find it humorous that the Democrats have a problem with Kavanaugh, but had no problem with Slick Willy assaulting interns.

I haven’t been able to keep up with baseball the way that I have wanted. Instead, college football is back in full swing. Alabama’s offense has been on fire as of late. Their defense is nasty. Of course, we haven’t played anyone yet. Louisville, North Arkansas, and Ole Miss do not strike me as quality opponents. As evidenced by the scores in those games, it is apparent that Alabama did not struggle in the least. Of course, we have LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia, and a rough conference schedule ahead of us. The nice thing about playing in the SEC is the quality of opponents. Any Saturday, the supposed weak teams could beat one of the top teams.

Well, it is closing in on 6. I better get dressed and ready to head up for breakfast. You guys have a great day. Chat with y’all soon!


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