Well, it is evening here in Mississippi. The humidity is soul-crushing. It has been a long day. My father asked for my help to build my mother a closet. Everything was going fine, and then the water lines broke. We tried to fix both, and we haven’t got nothing accomplished but soaking our clothes in sweat, and dehydrating. Ah, the joys of being a homeowner. I am sitting in my high back chair, thanking God for air-conditioning.

We have had several nice cool days that gave us the impression of an early fall. Days like today reminds us that there is no such thing. It is like God is retaliating for us even considering an early fall. We have had several 100+ days with 65-90% humidity. Thankfully, I am not in a combat zone with all my gear on. Instead, I am home enjoying my life instead of dodging bombs and ducking bullets.

Many things could have gone better today, but we got through it. Things rarely are as bad as they seem. However, I was called today by my daughter. She was called a slut, whore and hooker today in her classroom. She was crying and that broke my heart. I have had all I am going to take. The school will fix it, or I will. Enough about that. I hope you all have a wonderful evening, take care.


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