Today has been an absolute exercise in futility. I got up, wrote on my blog some. Developed an idea for a new novel. That is about the gist of what I have accomplished today. I started cleaning around nine this morning, because I was under the impression that I had company coming by. That didn’t develop into anything. Then it was back to writing. That proved to be elusive. It felt like I had a chain around my neck, as I struggled to write about this new idea. I could hear what I wanted the character to say, but when I tried to write it, their voice was hollow. I digress. Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe, it will be more eventful. 41751615_2355099254532765_4396434459553955840_n


  1. Given that you’ve posted your first four pages, it seems to have been more productive than all that. Looks like you got quite a bit done.


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