41880526_1007120309476324_1197669046581985280_nOne of the perks of being up early, real early in my case, is that you have time to accomplish the most important task of the day. My father has a motto. “If you aren’t thirty minutes early, you are late.” He drove this into my brother and I constantly. It doesn’t matter where I go, I can’t stand to be late. My dad always said that it was disrespectful to be late, because the most valuable thing a person has is their time. Wasting someone’s time was a cardinal sin in the Freeman household. When I joined the Army, they told us that you must be ten minutes prior to all formations, meetings, etc. “Wow, I get to sleep in!” Alas, that is for the lower enlisted, when you become a Sergeant, you are expected an hour early. However, this sense of punctuality served me well in the military and civilian life.
Time, either you use it, or you lose it. There are no re-dos, no second chances to get it right. To me, that is scary. You could live a good life. A happy life, but if you don’t it’s your fault. We each have a finite amount of time to craft our lives into what we want to be. Each week we have 168 hours to live our lives the way that we choose. That is 8,736 hours per year to build our lives into what we want. To figure out, what does life mean to me? What do I want to accomplish? Our lives may start off crappy, but that doesn’t mean that it must stay that way. If things suck right now, you can stop here and start again. You can write a brand-new ending.
Regardless, of the situations in your life, there is time left to fix it. Life throws us a lot of curve balls and may leave us beaten and battered on the side of the road, but we can’t give up. In baseball, great hitters get about three hits in every ten at bats. It sounds like they suck. However, perseverance is the key. If life gets sideways, hold on. Things will not always be bad. As my dear mom would say, “Every day is not a bad day.” Take care.

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