Good morning y’all.

Well, its morning once again. I am thankful that I woke up this morning. Maybe not as early as I did, but still a bad day above ground beats a good day under it. I suppose at some point, I should get up and about, but I am not feeling it quite yet. It has been hot here in Mississippi. We have had a couple of 100 degree days in a row. In September no less. I am ready for cool crisp mornings. Flannel shirt and hoodie weather is my favorite. Ah well, it will show up eventually. There is plenty to do around here in my cabin.

I have been trying to avoid the news. It seems like everything that I read, or watch is negative. What happened to unbiased journalists? When did everything become racist, sexist, prejudiced and certain parts of America are full of deplorables and undesirables? I didn’t think that hate was geographical. However, it seems that the media is seeking to divide the country even further than it already is. By no means am I saying that is what is happening, it just seems that way to me as I struggle to wake up.

Meanwhile, my reading has been focused on the ocean, sharks, and what it feels like to drown. Interestingly enough, each experience of survivors seem to differ. One article said that it is the most peaceful way to go if you don’t struggle. Other’s claim that it is the most horrific way to die. As a young boy, I almost drowned in a farm pond. It was on a Sunday. My brother and I, along with several friends were swimming across this pond to show each other our strength. We all dove in, and started across the lake. Less than halfway across, I cramped up and grabbed a hold of my nearest friend. It felt like I had weights on my feet. Panicking, I thrashed as I continued to sink. It was a horrific moment in my young life. Peace was not what I felt as I sank in that murky water.

Well, I better cut it off right here. It is my fondest wish that you guys have a great day. Take care.

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