Catholicism and Christian Dogma.

Scrolling through Facebook, I came upon a self-publishing advertisement. It is for Christian authors, and they offer a guide, if you share your idea for a book with them. It seemed interesting, so I went and checked out the comment section to see if anyone had previously used this company. Immediately, the first comment was, “I am a Catholic. Do you consider Catholicism a Christian religion?” Did I wake up in opposite land today? What type of question is this?
Catholicism is not the doctrine that I subscribe to, but I would never say that they are not part of the Christian canon. There are several reasons that I don’t follow their doctrine, but it seems to me that the individual who posted this comment is seeking to cause strife. What good, comes from this type of discourse? If she was seeking attention and clicks, then she surely got it.
Catholicism is one of the oldest religions in the history of the world; if one disagrees that Catholicism is part of the Christian dogma, light reading concerning the history of religion may be in order. By no means, do I think that they do everything right. A 900-page document would suggest otherwise. However, this is America and you have the right to worship who you choose. I had a soldier ask me once, “Do you believe in God?” Of course, I answered yes. Then, I asked him about his belief system. He explained that he thought God was a space amoeba. I was taken back, but I smiled and said ok. Our beliefs are what keeps us grounded. It is not on us to judge people, but to love them. Y’all take care!


  1. Well, my good friend, you hit the nail right on the head again and having been raised a Catholic I can unequivocally say the Catholic doctrine that I ran screaming from considered Jesus Christ to a Christian and a jew. Ask around and you can find him to be a Mormon, a baptist even a member of the Lds. Which brings me to my point. The gentleman you replied to is part of the religious cult of fillers that believe that their religion is the only religion and shun the others.
    My inlaws were devout Catholics tithe 20% of their income attend services 3 days a week and participate in church fundraisers.
    When I was getting married to their daughter they wanted me to attend classes on how to be a better Catholic and how to raise a good Catholic family, I’m sure the tithing and percentages would be part of it had I attended I refused, they had the church mail me all the Q&A that would have been asked I still refused and when we gave sample invitations to our wedding that was being healded at Holy Cross Lutheran Church my future mother in law was beside her self. She told us that if we didn’t remove the word Lutheran from the invitations that she and her husband would not be attending.
    Bigotry amongst religion is kind of the last thing you would expect to be exposed to but the Mormons insist Jesus converted and told his subjects to find the profit to be excepted into heaven. I guess just leading a good life isn’t enough and having attended a Mormon service let me tell you they have a completely different version of God Jesus Christ and his disciples. The real problem lies in the fact that religious organizations are some of the wealthiest businesses the Catholic Church holds more wealth than any other bank worldwide they make the United Arab Emirates look like paupers with real estate holdings and priceless artifacts and artwork, In my opinion, organized religion is nothing less than a cult and they are recruiting new members non stop to fill stuff in their coffers and tell you how to live.


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