My life as a teenager.

Lately, I have been spending time in my teenage years. I have no idea why, they weren’t the greatest years of my life. That is not to say that there were not bright moments, but the teenage years are where you piece together what kind of person you are going to be. Most of my time was spent working. I tried numerous times to date someone, but I spent most of the hours dating being heartbroken. It always seemed that I could never put it together. I had my own car, so I had plenty of opportunities to get out and go.
Youth services at different churches were always a part of my life. My brother and I would pile into my 1977 Toyota Celica and off we would go. My brother was my traveling buddy, he was never far from me. Then it was off to the magical land of McDonalds for a bite to eat afterwards. We would go to the movie theaters and watch movies such as Rambo or Best of the Best. The 1980s was the golden years, and we did not know how much of an impact that this era would have on our life. America had it good in the 80s.
I lost my brother and grandfather during this era. Russia was the bad guy and the threat of nuclear war was never far from people’s thoughts. Even in Mississippi, people were talking about fallout shelters and prepping for the bad guys invasion. Weapons were bought, ammunition was cheap. My dad taught us how to live off the land, how to aim small and miss small, trap and hunt. Skills that should be taught in school today. He taught his sons to be good men, rough men for the sake of their family.
In the early morning quiet, my memories seem to be more vivid than any other time of the day. It is with a grateful heart that I can fondly recall hours spent on a sandbar, fishing pole in hand, as my grandfather taught us how to agitate the fish. Or the simple pleasure of playing catch in my grandparents’ yard. Sometimes, memories are all we have.

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