Why do people cheat on their significant others? Are we as people wired to be unsatisfied? Regardless of how good a person treats their partner, chances are that they will walk out the door in search of the next best thing. Of course, it is always worse when they choose to pretend that you are enough, and then leave you high and dry. Some individuals are oblivious to their partner’s cheating lifestyle. How? I am assuming they continue to lie to themselves. “They aren’t cheating on me. It is their job keeping them late.” Right. That is why they come home when you are in bed, and reek of someone else’s perfume/cologne. One of my personal favorite excuses is, “I am going to set the example with my faithfulness to them. Eventually, they will tire of running around.” I can’t help but snicker. Yeah, apparently you just went and drank all that special Kool-Aid.

Of course, we men get a bad rep. “Men are dogs.” It is always the men that can’t be satisfied with what they have. No female ever runs around on their partner. Give me a break. Women have needs, just like we men do. Faithfulness is not a given, regardless of which gender you have been assigned. I know men and women who have cheated on a regular basis. Their reasoning ranges from, “I am addicted to sex” to “I can’t help myself.” Nah man, you can keep yourself on the straight and narrow. You just don’t want to.  Why people get married and then cheat is something else that bugs me. Wouldn’t it be easier to just stay single and play the field? “I love them” and then its right back into another strangers’ bed for anonymous sex. You can’t be bothered to stay faithful, but you don’t want to lose your partner either. Sorry. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. It requires too much effort to fix and maintain your relationship, but you don’t want to lose a valuable friend. It is so pathetic its sickening.

In my own life, I have had to deal with crap like this. Unfortunately, no one is immune to being cheated on. Trust me, there is a strain out there with your name on it. Gradually, the question “Why aren’t I enough?” will arise. There are a variety of answers. Almost all of them is, it was never you in the first place. People who cheat are selfish. They are in it only for themselves, and do not give one flying crap about you or anyone else. I think we deserve better.

One thought on “Cheaters

  1. Just a quick observation having been cheated on by my first girlfriend and my first wife with friends of mine. Close friends know a lot about you and being an open person a will talk to friends about my life and I tend to share what’s going on in my personal life when you significant other is given an alternative version of anything you share by embellishing what you shared they can create an air of doubt and if convincing enough they can sway feelings you have towards their version of the facts. Be careful who you share with, pick and choose your friends wisely or you might find yourself wondering what happened that made you partner chooses a night of passion to get back at you for something that never happened.

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