Serena Williams and sexism.

Normally, I tend to avoid writing about hot-button issues on my blog. Normally. Such as the tennis match that has the entire world spinning backwards for some reason. Today though, I am feeling my oats. To simplify what occurred, Serena Williams lost the US Open and cried sexism.
I am going to stop right here and say that Serena Williams is considered by many to be the greatest female tennis player of all time. Those are high accolades. I don’t know anything about tennis. I was a football/basketball/baseball/hockey guy. However, when you label someone the greatest of all time, you expect them to conduct themselves in a professional manner.
John McEnroe was a vicious tennis player. Often, he would verbally abuse the line judges and anyone else who got in his way. This type of behavior was often punished with fines or some other type of punishment. As a kid, I would look through the sports section of our local newspaper and would read about his temper. Slamming his tennis racket on the ground, verbally spewing profanities that would make a sailor blush, this was his calling card. Why anyone would want to emulate that is beyond me.
I can understand the frustration that Williams must have felt. As a person that is extremely competitive, I hate to lose. However, I don’t get paid millions of dollars to represent the best in my sport either.  Serena Williams exhibited poor sportsmanship, a lack of moral character, and the inability to let the victor savor her victory. I am sure that many disagree with me. That’s ok. I will break this down, one piece at a time, so that you will know where I am coming from.
Poor sportsmanship was exhibited by her constant bickering with the judge. Instead of adapting she cried sexism. Then she continued with her rant and he took away a point, which was probably distracting to her opponent. She did not care that the young woman who was challenging her may have felt slighted. Serena was only concerned about herself. Screw everyone else. Only what she wanted mattered. You don’t just waltz into the US Open and defeat the champion. I am sure that Naomi Osaka worked her butt off to get to the level so that she could compete with Serena. That doesn’t matter though. Even with coaching Serena could not keep up. When asked if she was receiving coaching during the match, Serena lied. Her own coach admitted to it. The coach claimed that everyone does it. Does that make cheating right? I digress next point.
A lack of moral character. Yeah, I said it. Cheating, lying, trying to detract from her lack of professionalism, she yelled sexism and claims that she is playing for every woman in the world. Excuse me. Lying and cheating are signs that you are a morally corrupt individual. Then to turn around and to claim that it is a man’s fault you lost, well, you are not a role model that I want my daughters to emulate. Instead of her showing grace in defeat, she slammed her racket down. If my thoughts on this is too harsh for you run off to your safe space. She claims sexism even though she is worth 180 million dollars and has won 23 Grand Slam titles (39 when adding doubles and mixed doubles). Go ahead, explain to me how men are holding you back when your  bank account and accolades show you are not held back in any regard. I will wait. Society seems to think it is okay for spoiled athletes to act like this because reasons…..
In any athletic competition there are two parties. The victor and the defeated. Serena Williams lost her match because she wouldn’t shut her mouth. She should have allowed her opponent her moment of glory. Serena couldn’t have that though. She made the entire match about her. Her opponent was the first Japanese player to ever win the US Open. It should have been a moment of celebration for her and her family. Instead, Serena embarrassed herself, and America because of her spoiled and childish way. Apart from Rocky Marciano, no athlete remains undefeated. Losing is part of competition. This whole scenario represents the problems that we face in our society. It isn’t the invisible patriarchy, or white privilege. It is not sexism, racism, or any other ism that you want to blame it on. The fact of the matter remains that instead of being graceful, Serena contributed to the decaying fabric of American society by exhibiting hostility and playing the race card/woman card. For someone that claims she is playing for all women, her temper tantrum made her look weak in front of the entire world. We won’t mention childish and immature. At the end of the day, this will quietly be swept under the rug because the patriarchy is holding back women. However, if you can’t compete, feel free to cry sexism and blame it on men. All you are doing is making yourself look weak. That is all.

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