My day so far…..

This morning has been hectic to say the least. Phone calls and arrangements have had to be made. The day would not be complete without me washing clothes. I have been working on my library some. Finally, the floor is picked up, swept, and trash is taken out of it. One day this room will be filled with bookshelves and tomes. More work must be done to make it the room that I want. It has been a good day so far. It is hard to fill your days when you are a 45-year-old retiree. Life waits for no one. “Seize the day!” has always been the motto of the initiative driven. As I have shuffled through my six years of retirement, I have come to resent that statement. I don’t mind working, (I am 100% disabled) and God knows, I miss going to work. If I could change one thing in my life, I would ask to be able to go to work.
Clothes are clean, now I must fold them. Ah, I did some research on shark bites and drowning. An idea has started to form. I will have to explore it deeper to see if it starts to make sense. This is my favorite part of writing. The idea stages, when the creative juices start to flow. It is amazing to think that the human mind generates ideas based from prior experiences, and sight. I will have to flesh it out some.
I guess I am off for now. Y’all take care!

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