I see where David Hogg is back in the news with his anti-gun rhetoric. Now, before you get upset with me, I understand the young man suffered a traumatic event. Surviving a mass shooting would be very hard to deal with. However, calling for the dismantling of American citizens rights is wrong as well. “We want fully automatic weapons banned,” they cry.  They have been banned since the 1980s. 1986 to be exact.

In the spirit of cooperation, I am for background checks. By all means, let’s make sure that we are not selling weapons to the mentally ill, and criminals. A weapon in those individual’s hands can have dire consequences. While we are on the subject of background checks explain to me, how are you going to keep people from buying weapons for other people? You can’t. You can background check people until the cows come home, but once they leave the store with their purchase you can’t tell them what to do with it. Many subscribe to the logic that if you can’t tell people what to do with the weapon then they should not own one period.

Gun control. “Gun control is putting ten out of ten in the bulls-eye!” People like this kid David Hogg, decry the private ownership of weapons. “Who needs an AR-15?” they screech.  The list goes on and on. I get it. Mass shootings are a problem in modern society, however, it’s not the gun. The problem lies in the heart. A lack of empathy to be exact. In our society as soon as a mass shooting occurs the media splay it for hours on end, glorifying the destruction caused by an idiot with a gun. You can’t stop mass shootings by disarming Americans. Look how well that has worked out for Australia and Britain. In London their weapon of choice is knives. What’s next? I would also draw your attention to the destruction caused by people using vehicles. Violent behavior is not limited to a gun. The World Trade Towers were felled by aircraft. There have been multiple mass casualties caused by an idiot behind the wheel of a privately owned vehicle. Cain killed Abel with a rock. The Crusades and Inquisition used weaponry such as bows and swords. If people wish to be violent then they will find a way to do so.

Of course none of this matters. Polite conversation is a lost art. What should happen is both sides compromise and find a peaceful solution. However, this is not a utopia and that is not how it works. The Left screeches that all gun owners are criminals and the Right is hell bent not to give up their rights. Therefore, nothing gets done. In case you can’t tell, I am pro-gun. From my childhood, I have used weapons. My dad and brother (along with myself) have provided food for our family using weapons. The first thing that happened was my dad taught us how to use a weapon. “You always point your weapon at the ground. It should never be pointed at a person. Treat every weapon, loaded or unloaded, like you have a round chambered.” On and on the instruction continued. My father understood that his sons would need weapons to provide and protect their families. The last thing I am going to say about this subject is that maybe events like Parkland, Orlando, and Columbine would not occur if we respected each other.

David Hogg and company finally admitted that they bullied their school’s shooter. Yeah, I am sure that had nothing to do with it. We live in an era of emotionally weak people. It is so easy to hurt people’s feelings. “Suck it up cupcake!” seems to be the rallying cry of the emotionally strong. However, in a land filled with safe spaces for victims of hurtful words, it makes sense that mass shootings are carried out. Participation trophies are handed out, and everyone is a winner! No. Once upon a time, here in America, if you wanted to win you had to prepare. Preparation was not a guarantee that you would win. Take this kid that shot up the video game arena after losing. Tell me he wasn’t upset that he lost. Then he took a handgun and shot up the place. The simple truth is that kids today live in a society that glorifies violence, has zero instruction at home, and has no respect for human life. Thus ends my sermon on anti-gun zealots.


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