It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog. In 2011, I lost everything that I ever worked for, including my health and career. It was during this difficult period of my life that I met several wonderful people. Jim, Hugh, Serbie, Kayla, Brian, Derk and so many more. I made quick friends with all of these people and we would gather at McDonald’s for breakfast each morning. Hugh was my favorite. He was a gentle man from Alabama who seemed to know what to say about any situation. We would chat for hours about fishing. He left Alabama at 17 to go work in Alaska. He was a minister. His study of God and theology was nothing short of amazing. Jim, Serbie, myself and Hugh would work on Jumble puzzles while we ate breakfast. Many memories are dedicated to time well spent with these good people.

Yesterday, I received a text that Hugh had passed away. The world has lost a good man. A man that did no harm, who cared for his neighbors, and tried to live a life that was pleasing to God. It hurts. Compounded by my own misery, this just seems like another thin cut to a body that can’t take anymore. I am wrestling with the notion of leaving Mississippi for a while and moving back to Colorado for a bit to clear my head. No, I am not going to get high legally. My life seems to be spiraling rapidly out of control. A change of scenery would not hurt the situation. I probably won’t move back but I definitely should take some time to re-chart my course.


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