More 9/11 musings

Today is a day of remembrance. Unfortunately, in our society it can’t be civil anymore. Disagreeing with a person politically can result in being “shouted down” and verbally abused to a mob showing up at your house/neighborhood with violence occurring. “Journalists” spout hateful rhetoric and push their agenda instead of reporting the truth. I am not picking on either side, all “journalists” are biased. Politicians are willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that their “party” rule the ashes. It is shameful. It wasn’t Republicans or Democrats killed on 9/11. It was American citizens. Period. Their political affiliation didn’t save them. You didn’t see politicians in the rubble trying to help the injured. It was Americans. You didn’t see Hollywood put on Hazmat gear and line up to help put out the flames, protect the children, or comfort those who lost so much. American heroes put their lives on the line to assist people they didn’t know. Police and firefighters worked tirelessly to recover the injured. Those are heroes. How soon we forget. Amazingly, Hollywood hurls insults at the current administration like it is their job. Disagreements are politicized, and neighborhoods are burnt to the ground “for a cause.” America has given so much for so many, only to be weakened by our own. The attacks from 9/11 should unify us. Instead, we have career politicians pushing division. The mainstream media glorifies mass shootings and then cry about the ineptitude of the government when they are just as responsible for the next shooting. It seems that we can’t even remember 9/11 without “journalists” writing opinions for major newspapers’ claiming that the current President is the “greatest” threat facing America. It is time to put aside the petty crap and realize that divided we accomplish nothing.


  1. First off I would like to thank you and your fellow warriors for putting your lives on the line with such professional dedication to your country while defending the freedoms of others that have no regard for the freedom of their own. Please tell me how the most powerful nation in the world is the laughing stock of the world. We’re fighting for the liberties and freedoms of illegal aliens. We have the far left and the media screaming were ripping babies from families that bring young kids with them to commit felonies when that happens every day in the Us.
    If our citizen that are arrested and have a minor child with them and family or friends can’t be verified to release the minor to them they go to DHHS. Maxine Waters is right this second on Tv and calling the president of the united states a despicable human being and nothing can happen to her. And I truly believe all this has been driven by both parties of Congress. Donald Trump threatens their way of life. Families that have a strong hold on states like the Kennedys the Bushes and the Rockefellers and Clintons. They’re all extremely rich and have had a family member in government in their states for decades. Now your starting to see some Republicans come around because Trump is doing what he said he would despite members of Congress vowing to fight any bill or law or appointment to posts and the supreme Supreme Court nominees regulars of their abilities. Obstruct oppose create havoc and threatening the life of our president has become the democratic platform. Not how to improve lives create jobs or actually stand up for this country rather than worry about inking a deal for big pharma or big oil so they will help you get reelected for life. Maxine Waters is 80 yrs old and recently said the president is doing nothing to help Korea after Vladimir Putin invaded their country. Korea, Crimea yeah I can see its similarity. They are completely out of touch with their constituents needs and fully tuned in to their needs and way of life.
    What I make on disability after being employed for over 40 years I paid in taxes and I’m told I make to much money to qualify for food or energy assistance but we are fighting for the rights of people that aren’t legally living in this country and the liberties of other countries. We expect our own citizens to be Martyrs Against themselves while worrying about what bathroom people can and what sex they want to be that week bathroom. We are the laughing stock of the world because we write our own jokes until we can unify as a country and stop pushing personal agendas in government, party to party we’re destined to be like many other countries. In chaos most of the time. Our legacy as the gatekeepers to the world in jeopardy of being called the little engine that could.


    1. First, thank you Brian for taking the time to comment on my blog! I agree that things are dire here in our country. Also, I have no problem saying that I think that both parties are okay with America imploding as long as they get to rule the ashes of what is left. I have been in the boat where I have needed assistance and they also turned me down due to the amount of money that I make on my own disability. It is a frustrating turn of events when you need help but can’t receive it because of foolishness such as that. Alas, that is the state of America at the moment. Trump is like a bull in a porcelain shop. He is ripping through the red tape like Katrina did the coast. No one with a brain can argue against his economy, but I do wish he would reign it in on Twitter. However, we can’t have our cake and eat it too. Thank you for your support of us old veterans. God bless you man. Don’t be a stranger!


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