9/11 musings

One of the downsides of growing old is that our memories banks are larger. Today for example is 9/11. I have often looked around and wondered how this next generation is going to fully comprehend the terror that occurred this day, seventeen years ago. To watch on television as people leapt from burning buildings. As heroic police officers and firemen entered the chaos knowing that they may never return to their families. At the end of the day thousands of people lay dead on American soil. A day of true sacrifice. It is on this day that my soul is ripped asunder and all the horrible emotions that I felt that day surface once again. I was a twenty-eight-year-old workaholic, who was not concerned with anything other than providing for my family. Life was good. Seventeen years ago, the world changed. It didn’t change for the better. We are still at war because of the horror of that day. Those of us who served there now face a different battle. May God richly bless America and provide comfort for those who lost so much on this day of infamy.

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