What makes humans tick is something that I have always been fascinated about. What is the defining purpose of our lives? Is it the same thing for everyone? Yes, I know that we all have different goals, but when we pull the skin off are we all here for one purpose? There must be a manual somewhere. Christians would say that we are here to glorify God. As a Christian I believe that. However, is that the only reason? What drives us to make the decisions that we make? As someone who has plenty of experience making bad decisions, I am curious to discover the answer to this question. Why are some of us insatiably curious, and others are unpliable from their routines? There are so many questions and so few answers. In a society that has every modern convenience at our fingertips, we can’t find a definitive answer. Type a question into a search engine, and multiple answers become readily available. Yet, the great thinkers of our age are still incapable of agreeing upon one answer. I digress. Some things are not meant to be known. Sometimes, it is just better to let it all go and accept that things will work out in the end.

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