Why am I awake?

It is early, early this morning. Why I am awake is anybody’s guess. It seems that here recently, I have just gone to bed earlier and earlier until it makes sense to my body that I would be awake prior to two o’clock in the morning. Sheesh. Life is funny that way. The more that I hope that things go one way, the further south they go.

I want what the Lord wants in my life. This morning I have something else to get rid of. It isn’t mine, but it must go. When it comes down to going to heaven or hell, I want to make the right choice. I know that not everyone has the same convictions. What bothers me may not bother someone else. What is a weight to me, may be fine for you. In the end, God makes the rules. It is my desire to be used of God, therefore, I must wholeheartedly follow Him.

Sometimes, the road is rocky, and it may seem that we are all alone. We aren’t. God is with us. In times of trouble He is our ever-present help. Thankfully, God is our rock, anchor, counselor, and peace. Regardless, of how turbulent the storms of life may become, God is right there with us.

Well, I am going to unplug this thing. Then I am going to try to doze back off for a few. Or drink a monster. I don’t know. At this point, it is anyone’s game. May God richly bless you all. Take care!

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