Technical devices and the correlation of rudeness

I just finished watching a video about phone addiction. In this video, several people discuss individuals who feel anxiety when separated from their devices. It sounds like something out of a bad science fiction novel. Yet, it seems that in our society that we can’t live without them. Go to dinner and watch how many people have their phones out. In the presence of their company no less. It is like nothing real exists outside of that small screen. Trust me, I am no different. There is no end to the amount of times that I check my phone, but I am calling me out on it. It is beyond rude to be with someone and be more interested in your phone than the people who have graced you with their presence. I am going to try to avoid pulling my phone out when I am with people.

When I was a kid, this wasn’t a problem because cell phones, iPads, laptops, and other technical devices weren’t thought up yet. These devices did not become prominent until the 1990s. Then everyone went out and bought one. The technical revolution had begun. It seems like rudeness became socially acceptable when the revolution began. Maybe it is me. However, given that someone felt compelled to make a video about it, I am assuming that it isn’t just me. I am sitting here in my house with a laptop on my knees, my phone by me and a 43” 4k Ultra HD tv to my front. Not to mention a game console. I am wired up for whatever may arise, but am I truly happy? The answer to that question is no. These are only distractions. They do not provide fulfillment in my life. There is no joy that is to be found in their use. Devices such as these are only conveniences.

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