From the time that I took my first steps, I have been a fan of baseball. To some people the game is too slow. “It takes forever to play or watch.” On and on it goes. As all things do, the game has evolved into its current manifestation. Now, it is who can smash the longest home run. However, back when I was a kid the game was about base hits, steals, defensive soundness, and a cannon for an arm. Several great players came from this era. To name a few: Pete Rose, Gary Carter, Rickey Henderson, Nolan Ryan and so many more.

One of my favorites was Tony Gwynn. Tremendous presence at the plate. He did not get rattled under pressure. He stayed with it until he got the pitch that he wanted. Often, he got a pitch to hit. On top of all that, he was a positive role model for anyone to emulate.

My grandfather was a huge baseball fan, as well as my great grandmother. The game requires a strategic mind. It requires skill, quick thinking, and rewards sound fundamentals. In my opinion, nothing is as beautiful as a defensive play. So much goes into robbing a homerun or turning a double play.  In a fast-paced world, it is nice to have a pastime that takes time to enjoy. You can have a conversation over whether a sacrifice fly is a viable strategy or if the “suicide squeeze” is the best play of any sport. There is no end to the enjoyment that comes from baseball.

While I do enjoy watching Alabama destroy every other college team in America, football is nowhere as strategic as baseball. In baseball you can’t run out the clock. You must let the other team take their shot. That is the greatness of baseball.

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