A letter to God

Dear God,

It is with a heavy heart that I humbly come before you. Every child that goes to church knows the story of how you came to Earth to live among us. To walk with us, and to show us mercy. You came through a virginal birth, survived the murderous rampage of King Herod and paid the ultimate penance for our sins. Truly, you are worthy of  our worship and praise.

When people were hungry, you used five loaves and two fish to feed five thousand hungry souls. They took up twelve full baskets after eating their fill. You walked on the stormy waters of Galilee. Blind eyes were opened, deaf ears unstopped, and you even turned water into wine. What a Mighty God we serve.

You raised dead people from the clutches of the grave. There has never been a greater example of intercessory prayer than when you prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. You encouraged, lifted, and delivered. There is no one like you in all the Earth. When you were betrayed, you showed dignity and mercy to those that sought your destruction.

I am heavy hearted because of the shape of my country. Here in America, we have so much to be thankful for. You have blessed this nation to be a shining beacon of hope for so many, and yet the politicians that run our government has chased off every remembrance of you. We can’t pray in our schools. Nor can we speak the name of Jesus for fear of causing offense. Bibles are offered to prisoners, but we don’t dare use one to mold our children into positive human beings.

Being a decent human being is shouted down by the masses. “You are oppressive!” Yet, true peace can only be found in you. We murder our own children and call it a woman’s right to choose. Responsibility is nowhere to be found. Society hurls the vilest insults at each other, and we call it comedy. A cross and a crown of thorns was your reward for living a life of peace and dignity. Today, the memory of your sacrifice is discarded by people who choose to represent the absolute worst of humanity. Bullied children shoot up schools and we claim we don’t know why they choose to become mass-murderers. Discipline is outlawed by the state, Christianity is constantly mocked, and murder is glorified. Our politicians push division, and we blindly follow the masses. Cities have become battlegrounds. We kill each other over shoes, clothes, and imaginary slights. Yet, you have the answers. Your example of a life well-lived is timeless. The more that people kick against the bricks, the stronger our faith in you becomes. In time, all things become clear. America is lost in the maddening shuffle of gaining more. However, more possessions, more riches, and more glory will not fill the gaping hole that is left because your presence does not reside here. Only when we experience true desperation will we find our way back to you. I humbly ask that you shake the very foundations of this nation, stir our leaders’ hearts and help us to break the yoke of destruction that we have willingly took on. God please forgive us.

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