Jesus the Righteous Judge

I have a friend who has converted to Catholicism. He is very zealous in his newfound faith. It is nice to watch him try to expand his knowledge of all things Catholic. Several people have commented on his various post throughout his burgeoning walk of faith. Many of his posts have been directed at Protestants. He has come under fire for several comments that could be taken as an affront to people who disagree with his beliefs. This morning, I decided that I would interact with him on one of these said posts. It was not confrontational, I sought to understand what his question was. As we discussed his beliefs, I prayed that I would not discourage him from exploring the word of God. In times such as these, it is too easy to kill the faith of another.

However, as I scrolled throughout his comments, a lady (can’t recall her name) made the comment that anyone who held a different belief was a heretic. This almost made me lose my Kool-Aid. I don’t believe in labeling people. There is too much harm that can be done by labeling someone or an entire section of people because of the action of a few. A prime example would be the Catholic Church. Do I get to label every Catholic a pervert because of the actions of a few priest? Or because the Pope doesn’t want to deal with the 900-page document that expounds upon the sexual deviance that is rampant in their church? See, no good comes from that type of mentality. Instead, the proper thing to do is to pray for each other. Encourage and lift one another before God, so that He may strengthen the weak.

It is my hope that when I interact with others that they see the love of God in me. It is not on me to judge others. God is the Righteous Judge, and He will deem what is sin and what is right. God bless you all.

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