Day three of Kaepernick

Day three of Colin Kaepernick being on my blog. This morning I woke to someone I don’t know commenting on my question of what exactly he has contributed to society. Well, according to this young man he has contributed to inner city youth, education, and other such charities. He donated 10k to ten different charities. It is a very generous move. However, here is where I get stuck. You can claim charity contributions on your taxes. Out of his 126-million-dollar contract he took home 39 million. So, donating one million, or a little over doesn’t seem to be that generous.

By no means am I saying that to be critical. It just seems that the best way to convince people that you are sincere in your protest is to throw some money at a charity that seems to be in the vein of what you are protesting. Hence, his donation to Mothers against Police Brutality. I am sure that there are cops, who shoot first and ask questions second.  However, for the most part, cops do an unthankful job protecting the citizens of this country.

During the three years that he played for the 49ers after signing his record contract his production stalled and he opted out. He knew that the 49ers were going to trade him, so he decided to become a free agent. People can shout all day that he is oppressed by the NFL, but the truth of the matter is that he sucked as a quarterback his final three years. That is why he isn’t playing. Sure, his stance is unpopular but that has nothing to do with his production behind center. In the end, Kaepernick risked free agency on three years of shoddy work and did not get signed. Thus, ends the saga of someone who could have been great.

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