Real Opression and Colin Kaepernick

Nike has chosen Colin Kaepernick as their face for their advertisement, “Just do it!” This is all fine and good. In America businesses are free to choose who they wish to represent their company. Any member of American society is free to protest whatever they choose to. You are even free to be offended and butthurt about whatever you may choose. As I am free to say that I think that Kaepernick is an uneducated, worthless pile of excrement and waste of God-given oxygen and talent. He is not oppressed, he is spoiled. He is a disrespectful, ungrateful wannabe. If these spoiled athletes care so much about the poor black neighborhoods that they choose to represent during the season, where were they in the offseason? Why weren’t they out in those same neighborhoods this past offseason trying to improve them? Ah, it is because they don’t really care. They have media giving air-time to their push for “justice”. Charles Barkley provides scholarships, gives money to black colleges, and tries to make a difference. You don’t see him on TV disrespecting the country that his given him so much. I digress. When a black athlete gets on TV after signing a five-year contract with the New York Giants for 95-million dollars and says that he doesn’t have the same opportunities as white people, you need to grow up.

If you want to talk about oppression, let’s talk about the child slaves that to this day work on coca plantations throughout the Ivory Coast located in….wait for it…..Africa! Slavery is still legal there. What? You don’t care about those black people? How about the poor people who labor in sweatshops to make Nike apparel? We don’t really see a need to care about their oppression, do we? They work in temperatures above 90 degrees, pass out at their sewing machines, are verbally abused, and God only knows what else happens there (Bain, 2017),

See, there is true oppression and then there is being a spoiled millionaire who can’t hack it in the NFL and wants to make up a cause to be relevant. Nike is going to drop millions of dollars into Kaepernick’s bank account that is made off the sweat and backs of people who make less than .20 cents per hour. Many of us don’t care about oppression because we are not the oppressed. We allow our opinions to be divided by the media when we should be united in ending the oppression of others. That is all.


Bain, Marc, 2017. Nike is facing a new wave of anti-sweatshop protests

Lamb, Christina 2001. The child slaves of the Ivory Coast – bought and sold for as little as £40

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