Colin Kaepernick’s contributions to America.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that people blowing up about Kaepernick and Nike were driving him nuts. His point was that no one looked at what all he had done. So, this post is dedicated to Colin Kaepernick’s contribution to the world at large:

1. He knelt during the National Anthem and stated that the American Flag stood for oppression toward minorities. Maybe it’s me, but I am pretty sure that flag stands for the freedom to live your life how you see fit. That freedom is bought and paid for by the blood and death of over 1.6 million veterans. You’re welcome Colin Kaepernick.

2. Claims that police just shoot black people for no reason. False. A cop is trained not to discharge their weapons until there is no other options. This narrative is one way that the liberal nuts cause division. So, there ya go Colin….the more you know!

3. Claims that no one will hire him in the NFL due to his stance. Um, the Seattle Seahawks gave you a tryout, unfortunately you suck. Then the Broncos offered him a contract and he turned it down. That makes you an idiot. If you are offered an opportunity to play the game you claim to love, why not jump at the chance? Ah, right the martyr syndrome.

4. Defended Castro. Yeah, you are about as far away as being an American as you can be.

5.Has led the NFL into some of the darkest days as far as ratings go. You and your spoiled friends keep raising fists, kneeling and popping off about how much America sucks. You will run everyone of you out of work.

As you can see, his contributions are nowhere to be seen. He is a wanna be thug. Hates America. There is no room for him in my house or the networks and companies that support him. That is all.

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