What am I doing?

Hopefully, today will be a good day. If my expectations can be curbed. I swear, I make my own life miserable. It is never my decision to fight, however, I seem to cultivate an atmosphere where that is what I choose to do. What is wrong with me? It seems that regardless of what I do, I am hell bent to screw it all up. Jesus. What a cluster.

Relationships should be built upon mutual friendships. It seems that all I do is screw them up. When will I learn? Why can’t I be simple about this crap? It’s not like I am not dense anyway. Regardless of what I do, I make my partner miserable. She needs time, I turn into the biggest baby. When we are together, I turn into a pouter. Jesus, grow up already!

I have a wonderful lady in my life. What am I doing? Give her the love and support that she needs, and stop being a selfish prick. Now, please excuse me while I go deal with my puppy.

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