The morning after

It is the morning after softball, and I am whooped.  Jesus, when did I convince myself that I can still perform athletic feats with no repercussions? Its not that I did not perform well. I managed a couple of hits, some tag outs at home, and that was good enough for a victory in the first game. Then the second game happened. Immediately after the first one. Still, I managed a hit, a beautiful double play, and did enough that we could have won the second one. However, it was to little too late. The old codgers found a way to lose. I bet every teammate house smell of Ben-Gay this morning.

It sucks to get old. My body aches this morning, but that is nothing new. It aches every morning. Physically, my body is broken. Mentally, my mind is scarred. There is no end of pain that racks my physical form. Thankfully, my spirit is at peace. The VA says that I have twenty-eight rateable injuries. I am thankful that I can still perform, and it was a nice opportunity to exercise my softball muscles. Now if you will excuse me, I must massage my feet. Y’all have a great day!

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