Life is good

Stupid Dodge. Who puts an oil filter in that location? This is the second day in a row that I have tried to change the oil filter, and the frame keeps getting in the way. Also, my oil filter wrench is to large to grip it. Sigh. I need to get that done. Alas, it will keep until I can figure something out. The height of the truck is problematic as well. I must find some steps that I can place on this beast, so that my girl can ride with me.

However, on a bright note, I have been working in my shop and it is looking much better. I tested some power tools this morning (both are drills, just different sizes) they both work. An old vice that I bought at some miscellaneous yard sale was placed at the end of my worktable. My blacksmithing tools are all together. Reloading equipment is all secluded in one area. Thus, my shop is coming together. My toolbox finally has some wrenches in it. Hopefully soon, I will have a table saw, drill press and router to add to my collection.

Of course, the question is: What am I going to do with all this crap? It is not like I have a storage bank full of knowledge on how to properly utilize every tool that I own. There are some items that I have no clue on. I blankly stare at the whatchamacallit and try to imagine a use for it. There are several items that I do need to complete my shop. Some car ramps would be nice. Metal ones. A metal table for metal working would be nice as well. Then I need a jigsaw, Sawzall, two-wheel grinder, and other goodies.

In the end, I should be content with what I have. However, a life with no dreams and aspirations is as pointless as fighting. There is never a reason for us to argue with each other, because hind-sight will always show that it was something petty and minor. Except for adultery, murder, rape or some other drastic crap. Let’s end this blog thingy on a good note. A bad day above ground beats a good day under it.

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