Titles and the Church of the living God

So, many major news networks have covered (no pun intended) this “Bishop” touching the breast of this singer. That’s not good. At Aretha Franklin’s funeral no less. First, it was Bill Clinton creepily leering at her, then the “Bishop” molests her. The Bible, you guys know the Bible, talks about the behavior of a Bishop.

A Bishop must be of one wife and blameless. Well, you can throw that last one out the window. If molesting a singer in front of the entire world isn’t bad enough, this guy comes out and makes an excuse for it. “I guess I put my arm around her.” Nah man, you groped this woman in public. At a funeral.

Much ado can be made about this. In a society that looks for any reason to bash Christians, this idiot just poured gasoline all over the fire. Maybe, what should happen is he resigns from his position at the church and hit the altar like a speeding bullet. Then, there is the name of God that you just torched in front of the entire world. It’s not like you didn’t have racists at that funeral. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan to name a few.

This guy totally misrepresented Christians. He misrepresented God. It of course could have been a mistake. Yet, why are you putting your arms around a woman? Is she your wife? This is why I have a problem with titles. Guys like this have a position in the church, but they don’t seem to understand the role of their position. Perhaps, it is because they are too lazy to crack open the document that supposedly guides their lives. In a society that only wants to read the parts that they like, maybe he tore out the part that governs the behavior of a Bishop.

I digress. The Lord is just to forgive him. I should be too. Lift this idiot up in prayer. Peace be with you all.

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