Temporary Rules

IT seems that regardless of which action I take, the opposite action occurs. To avoid any confusion here is exactly how I feel in print:

Empty, soulless, dispassionate, and afraid.

How I don’t feel:

Angry, bitter, confused, neglected, dependent, and frustrated.

What can be done to change how I feel?


Thank you for your understanding. This is temporary, and the usual disrespectful, non-filtered Larry will be with you all when he works his way out of this emotional disaster. Please do not send comments concerning my well-being. Topics that will not be discussed are the following:

Anything emotional. It has not worked out well so far, I have no interest in discussing emotional whatevers.

Sports. If you aren’t an Alabama fan why would you want to talk about this with me?

Religion. Sorry, but this topic causes untold damage to the stoutest friendships.

Relationships. I have one, its none of your business.

Topics that can be discussed with civility:

Family. This is a nice safe topic.

Mutual friends. Sure, I may know someone you know.

Politics. Only to a certain degree. Once it enters the territory of disrespect this conversation will be nuked.

Work. Sure, I would like to know how your week went. We can discuss my week as well.

Garage sales/flea markets. I am always down to talk about the steals of the week.

Again, thank you for understanding. Things will work out, they always do. Peace be with you always.

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