Men’s service

Wow. Rev. Collins preached his heart out last night. He exhorted us men to be the priest of our household. Of course, I have no family to be a priest of, however, it was an excellent message preached with much passion. To my thinking, I always like it when a preacher admonishes with passion. It makes me think that they believe wholeheartedly what they are speaking about. The message title was, “Where are you now, David?” His scriptures were from I Samuel and he tied in with David’s adultery with Bathsheba. Many roads led inward, as he put forth what the Lord wanted us to hear. We are not always the one that pays for our sins. Sometimes, as in David’s case, our children bear the burden of our sins. They pay for our distractions. Last night I found myself confronted by another distraction. I murdered it this morning.

 I do not want my children to die physically or spiritually because of my inability to lay aside every weight and sin that doth so easily beset me. Some individual’s may think that because it is not a sin, it doesn’t matter. The realization has come to me that if it takes up more of your time than what you dedicate to the Lord, you have made it a sin. It has become an idol that you serve. The Bible states, “thou shalt not have any other God’s before me.” When we spend more time playing games, going to ballgames, working, hunting, fishing or just leisure you have turned those harmless things into idols. Trust me, I am there. We can’t spend every waking hour worshipping. We must make a living. You can work and still be mindful of the things of God. The Bible says, “if you don’t work, you don’t eat.” Or maybe that was my mom. Anyway, the truth of the matter is that we must work to support our families.

When the trumpet of the Lord sounds upon His return for his church I want to be ready. My heart must be prepared. I do not want to miss the rapture. I heard a preacher say that time is short, hell is hot, and heaven is waiting. Considering that, it is time for us to pick up our cross and follow Him. Today starts the mens 21 days of sacrifice. I have no idea what I am going to give up. However, I am sure that I will think of something. God bless you all.

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