An afternoon well spent

Started my afternoon off right. I had lunch with Rachel Embrey. The Chinese food was tolerable, but the company was excellent. After lunch, we went to a yard sale. It was mostly picked over, but we each found some things that we couldn’t live without. After settling with the cashier, we rode down to Sonic for some refreshment. The heat had driven up our thirst for something cool. Then it was off to another yard sale.

We parted company and I made my trek home. Upon arrival, my puppy Chunk was on the porch and in dire need of a bath. I commenced with operation “Wash your stinky butt.” He came out smelling like a rose. Then it was time to hang the beautiful pictures that I purchased today. Hopefully it will all go well. It is time to start on my library. May the Shwarz be with me.

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