Today has been extremely hectic. It’s payday, and bills must be paid. Therefore, I got an early start as to try to avoid traffic and angry people. Things were fine until I hit a major traffic jam in Iuka. Is it me or have people just lost common decency? Especially, when they are driving a vehicle. People are nuts. As I attempted to avoid being turned into a hood ornament, it seemed the further I went the worse it got.

Finally, Walmart opened for business. I pulled out my tithes, then sent off rent and child support. Leaving Walmart, I went to the church to pay my tithes. Sealing that off, I was going to the Sheriff’s office and realized that I looked thrown away. While I was not put off by my appearance, I did not want to put a stain on my church’s reputation.

Racing home, I took a shower and shaved, then changed my clothes into something presentable and raced back to Iuka. Only to discover that the Chaplain was not in and would not be there until 11. I wasted time until then and met up with the chaplain at the appointed time. To the courthouse I raced after touring the jail only to discover that the DHS lady wasn’t there. 1330 she finally showed up and we got my badge made. Then I raced home again.

Men’s service is tonight, and I am worn slam out. I don’t know if its old age or just tired of people. It isn’t that I don’t want to be involved or active with others. There is no greater calling than to work for the Lord. To be involved in the Harvest for souls. To teach a Bible Study or to work in the prison ministry. I want to follow the Lord with my whole heart. My personal stuff will work out. That is all.

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