Part 2 The four aspects of Apostolic Ministry

Pastor Lambert is teaching on the four aspects of apostolic ministry. It has been amazing so far, and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the teaching. God has truly blessed Iuka First United Pentecostal Church with a great man of God. He truly has his hands in the Harvest. Though the cross that we carry may get heavy, God is able to strengthen us.

The first part of apostolic ministry is to seek the face (head) of God. Rev. Lambert did an outstanding job explaining how prayer is paramount to the success that we may experience in our walk with the Lord. Communication is the key component of any successful endeavor. Whether it is a relationship, friendship, or our Christian walk, we must communicate effectively if we hope to be successful. A relationship without communication is an abysmal failure.

Last night, the second part was revealed. It is the hand of God. God will not extend his hand if we keep ours closed. The hand of God brings healing, it brings success, blessings and provisioning. The Bible says that it is God’s pleasure to bless His children. Therefore, if we want to remain blessed, then we must extend our hands and pour out on others. If we can’t be a blessing to others, then God will not bless us. Only when we realize that we must empty our hands will God pour out a blessing upon us that we are unable to receive.

Let us be willing to be a blessing to our fellow brethren. To the ministry. God is our provider, but there is a big difference in survival and thriving. It is not God’s will that any suffer or perish, but to grow, prosper, and thrive. God bless you all.

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