Morning update

This morning has been less hectic than I pictured it in my head yesterday evening. So far, things have been slow. Clothes are washing, gasoline has been bought for my lawnmower, dogs are fed, and I have posted to my blog. Things are progressing, and time has lazily passed by. I have organized my kitchen (some) and today is my lady friend’s birthday. Unfortunately, I am financially burdened until tomorrow. I will have to do something nice for her later.

A friend of my family passed away last night. It is devastating to my mom and some of our family members. May God provide them comfort. I will be here organizing my desk, playing with my pup and trying to get caught up on housework. It can never be said that I don’t have anything to do. My Bible reading is up to par. I have moved into 2 Timothy.

As my day progresses, I hope to make room for the new tools that I hope to get this weekend. I am hoping to add a wood burning stove, drill press, and table saw along with a router and a two-wheel grinder. Then I am done. It will then be time to buy lumber so that I can start to build my library. Since my plans have been brutally murdered, I will focus on getting what I want done accomplished.

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