This weekend

This past weekend was a chaotic cluster. To be fair, we had outreach this past Saturday and it was successful. We made contact with over 100+ people at Mineral Springs Park. It was everything that we hoped it would be. However, someone asked me if I was getting married. Privacy is an absolute in the small world that I inhabit.
This did not go over well for me. I ended up putting mileage on my boots as I walked around the park. Internally, I was seething. Do I want to get remarried at some point in the future? Absolutely. If and when we decide to get married as a couple, we can make an announcement for everyone at one time.
Then Sunday rolled around. I have been praying for a burden, and needed to consult with my pastor concerning the next step. As we spoke, I brought up ministry and divorcees. He brought up marriage (indirectly, I think.). What are the odds that two ministers would bring up marriage? Coincidence, I think not. However, marriage is still a long way off. If the time comes, then I will make every effort to be the man that I should be for her. I will not give up on the marriage, and I will always be supportive of my partner and her goals. That is all.

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