Early morning thoughts

3:30 in the morning is no time to be awake. However, in the wee hours of the morning it is easier to get life together. Many times, it is here in the wee hours that I read my Bible and try to focus on the things of God. My life would be incomplete without God in it. Worthless. Scrapped. Life is not worth living without God. His sacrifice on Cavalry was so important that He took it upon Himself to pay for the sins of the world. That is love. True love.

In many ways, I am having to start my Christian walk over with the Lord. Unfortunately, when you walk away and come back you don’t just pick up where you left off. However, since God’s grace is sufficient for our lives, we can start anew in Christ Jesus. The Bible says that narrow is the way that leadeth to life, but broad is the way that leadeth to destruction. Therefore, it makes sense that the way would be difficult to follow. Thankfully, we do not walk alone. God is our ever-faithful companion.

When I was a young man, I read a book titled, “Pilgrims Progress” which was a story about a boy named Christian. In this book he is traveling, and he runs into different companions on his way. I don’t want to give away the story, however, as a young man this story made an indelible impression upon my life. The story is meant to be an encouragement for Christians who are trying to follow the Lord. It is no simple task to pick up your cross and follow Him.

Regardless of what life throws at us, we can do all things through Jesus. Life may come apart at the seams, but God holds all the pieces. Audio Adrenaline sings a song titled, “When He moves, you move” this of course should be the anthem for every Christian. In our rush to show the Lord how we want things to work out, we become our own hinderance. It is better to wait until the Lord moves on our behalf. There have been many times that I have gotten in the way and hindered my blessing. It is my hope that life has taught me to move when He wants me to.  When you desire something with your whole heart, it is tough to be patient. God is faithful to complete the work that He started in you. God bless you all.

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