Today, many memories have appeared throughout many of today’s conversations. Every memory may not be pleasant; however, they are memories nonetheless. My mother and I like to reminisce about my brother and my childhood. There is no shortage of memories that abound from that period. Thomas and I were always into something. Our adventures ranged from us performing science experiments with the chemicals in the bathroom to opening our own investigation firm.

The days were short, and little did we know that they would pass so quickly. If we had known, no doubt we would have cherished them even more. Time is a precious commodity. Once we have spent it there is no taking it back, no reclamation point, no do-overs. Hence, the importance of making every day count. Fear often steps up to hinder us from living our lives fully. The fear of taking certain actions, of failure, of trying to accomplish what others insist that you can’t do. Then there is the fear of living.

Fear should embolden us.  It should motivate us to charge headfirst into the opportunities that present themselves. We only get one shot at living. The Reaper will keep his appointment with us. Until that day, our lives should be lived, memories should be made, time should be spent with people who make our lives better. No one on their deathbed says that they wished they had spent more time at work. Regret seems to be reserved for time that they wished they had spent time with others.

As much as I wish that I could make a case for those who insist upon working themselves to death at jobs that don’t appreciate your efforts, I can’t. We all have skeletons in our closets that we don’t want others to see. It is no different for me. There are things that I will carry to my grave that I will never share with anyone. However, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying my life. Life is meant to be a journey; however, journeys are more enjoyable when you have company. Loosen up, take risks and eat the fattening food. Regret nothing, and sample everything.

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