The little foxes

I grew up in church. Raised a chandelier riding, pew jumping, aisle running Pentecostal, reading the Bible was a must. Every night, my dear mother would sit down with her two boys and quiz us on our reading. Sometimes, it was the Book of Proverbs. “Where is it better to be, then to deal with a brawling woman?” Other nights it would be Acts. “What are the steps to salvation?”  We spent hours testing our knowledge of Biblical facts against each other. As we grew older, we spent less time reading and testing each other. Then my brother got married, and years later I followed suit.

The passage of scripture that references the little foxes always stood out to me. Why isn’t it big sin that ruins the vines? I suppose that we always look for the big sin. We don’t want to willing fall into the trap of the enemy for a lack of noticing it. However, the little things are what trips us up. For me, it is my temper. Things can be fine, and then I am a walking timebomb. It is never going to a juke joint, drinking alcohol with the boys, chasing wild women, it is never the big sin that gets me. It’s always the little thing that you never notice until it is done. The little sin will send you to hell just as quick as going to a strip club.

Many friends of mine have a problem with Christianity because of the supposed hypocrisy of always falling for the little sin. Will God not forgive us our sin? Of course, He will. However, when we constantly fall for the same sin, it becomes a choice. In some ways I am fine. I attend church, try to help around the church, pay my tithes, and try to be faithful to prayer meeting. Things are usually great Wednesday night, and Sunday. While the rest of the week it seems that I find a way to struggle. When you pray through on Sunday, you better believe the devil is going to be there to tempt you and try to make you trip.

How do we avoid the pitfalls of the little sin? The Bible references to watch and pray. If we are faithful in prayer, then we should be able to avoid the trap of the enemy. However, we are human beings (this is not an excuse). We make mistakes. Reading our Bible limits the enemy, combine both and you are good to go. If the enemy is fighting you tooth and nail, then you know that God has a tremendous blessing that He wants to give you. It seems that the closer you get to where you need to be, the more the devil throws at you. Keep the faith, march on and God will bless you. Ensure that you put on the whole armor of God. Or as the passage of scripture says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you.”

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