Friends and family day

This weekend is friends and family day at the church. It is time for the annual Old Codgers vs. Young people softball game. Time for me to realize that I am 45 and broken. If memory serves me well, there was a period that athletic competition was my lifeblood. Softball, football, soccer, tennis and basketball was sports that I excelled at. Then I joined the Army, and I added Rugby to the list. Competition is part of being a man. It is what drives us to have faster vehicles, do exceedingly dumb things, and the more blood that is spilled, the better the game.

Mind you, I will be chomping at the bit come Sunday. It will take every bit of discipline to not tear someone’s head off and throw it down the road. Nothing gets the heart beating faster than a solid hit, homerun, or double play. Losing is not an option. As General Patton said, “America loves a winner.” Then he said some more things from a speech that was given to his men. It is rather lengthy and vulgar. Therefore, it will not be quoted here. The point remains, no one likes a loser.

So, I will have to make sure that I am stretched out. Focus on good sportsmanship. Be content with whatever the outcome is. The shooting in Jacksonville, FL shows the price of a society that is given participation trophies. You either earn it or stay at home. In such things, it is vital to understand that it is only a game. There is no reason to lose our tempers, yell at each other and show our butts. None of us is a starter on a professional team. This is a time of fellowship, to get together and have a good time with our neighbors.

In truth though, I will be trying to win. Losing does not sit well with me. So, let’s bring our “A” game and teach these young’uns about softball!

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