Death of John McCain

John McCain has passed away. Sixty years of his life, he dedicated to the United States. First, in military service and then as a career politician. While it is sad to see or hear someone has departed the mortal coil that binds us here on Earth, we all have an appointment with the Reaper.

McCain was not one of my favorite politicians. He was suffering from brain cancer, so I do not wish to speak ill of the dead. At times he was very confused on certain matters that he should have had clarity on. Five years he spent as a prisoner of war during Vietnam. There are vicious rumors that he sang like a canary but there is no empirical evidence that supports that claim. Unlike Jane Fonda who blatantly betrayed American troops in the same dump.

As we go about our busy lives, whisper a prayer for the McCain family. Prayer can lift us up when we hit rock bottom. We should always keep each other in our prayers. Comfort can be hard to come by when confronted by the loss of a family member. As the McCain family grieves over their loss, perhaps we should add that the Lord is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous runneth into it and is safe. Our understanding may be limited but God has all the answers. God bless you in your time of grief.

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