Science and the reality of God

Watching videos of Ravi Zacharias this morning. Then I followed this up with Ben Shapiro. So far, my morning has consisted of I Thessalonians, philosophy, and transgendered facts. It strikes me as problematic that people are caught up in the fact that science will one day replace God.

Man-made knowledge will never replace or explain God. Regardless of the amount of study, you can’t answer every question. There are many scientific explanations for the creation of the universe. Since scientist can’t come to a unified theory of the creation of the universe, how will every scientist reach a conclusion that God is not real?

It may seem simple or tried to say that the Bible has all the answers from the beginning of the world and universe to the governance of the government. To wit the Ten Commandments can viewed as the foundation of a good government. The secular world may pull away from religious thought and Christianity, however, the harder they struggle the more entangled they become.

Some things require faith. Relationships and marriage would not survive if the two partners did not share faith that each were not stepping out on the other. It requires an astronomical amount of faith to say that God is not real. Or that the universe was shaped by an explosion. The theory of evolution requires faith to claim that mankind has evolved from a gorilla to the manifestation of humanity as we now know it. The more that scientist attempt to prove that God does not exist, the more they verify that God’s existence is in every facet of our lives.

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